Our dogs

Tilly is our pure bred labrador retriever and Willow is our F1b multi-generation labradoodle.



Our family welcomed Tilly, our Labrador Retriever as a 2 year old into the family in the summer of 2019. She quickly stole our hearts as an energetic yet longing to be loved family dog. She has enjoyed our family camping, kayaking trips, daily walks, and just being around home. Her F1 labradoodle puppies have arrived this August 2020. She has proven to be a tremendous mother to her puppies!



Most recently we welcomed Willow into our family. She is a beautiful, full of life F1b multi-generation labradoodle. She has already been such a joy and is creating so many memories with our family. She has been an amazing companion and play mate to Tilly. We hope to begin breeding with Willow in 2021, and her offspring will be F2b labradoodles. We look forward to everything Willow has to offer in the future.